tetris falls

audio of text

Tetris Falls, UK, 2020… PROOF, as if any were needed, the MATRIX is CRUMBLING!
Doom encroaches… ignore the doofus in the foreground, rather observe the peculiar, suspiciously regular shaped rocks behind!
the universe is pixellated… if you dare to venture to the margins…
and seaford is WAY beyond any responsible boundary… the orthodontal decay is indisputable… ibid ‘Hancock, Sheldrake, McKenna 2012’
bafflement and confusion!… quite literally, the best way to soothe the power of any wave is to break it up, get it to reflect then interfere with itself
as true for eggshell box sound insulation, as for concrete coastal defence against erosion
i’ve always loved these geometric sea bollards… they make me think of the now retro futurism of the 60’s, the 70’s…
on a family holiday, we drove the long swoop of the grand corniche to monte carlo…
and these bits of lego were everywhere… barbican barbarella bar bar ram

morphicically resonating aside, i’m currently enjoying one of the younger sheldrakes mushroom audio books


*footnote… of waffle interest only to me… ibid… latin ‘of the same source’… obviously used incorrectly above, as there’s only one bibliographic reference…
but have always yearned to type ‘ibid’, just so i can feel the frisson of momentarily belonging to the world of fusty academia.
the word always makes me think of thoth… misconstruing it as ibis… and the moon god thoth is of course sacred to scribes

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