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Cheers! Nettle Juice with a dash of Cleavers and a soupcon of Dandelion
belated equinox blessings to one and all… the nettle sacred to Aries, and this the fiery start to the astrological year… may it be a good un
first harvest, all from the back garden… before a bit of a spring tidy up… natch
spring tonic, the early arriving nettle would have been greatly appreciated in times of yore
Lent is always a time of fasting… one of the obvious reasons being that theres nowt much left to eat by now! … tho not quite the ‘hungry gap’
… my annual appreciation of the humble nettle post… this year i’m plucking them, just the tip, the top few leaves, with my bare fingers
the peril adds to the fun! plus the stimulant effect of being mildly stung, fizz fingers is supposed to be beneficial… hope so!

Esther: I plan on making homous with my foraged nettles, will take my marigolds for picking though 🧤 I’m not so brave as you!

Ooh that sounds yum… You’ve inspired me to give it a go x

Ha! Marigolds may well be wise, my phone’s fingerprint recognition now doesn’t work with my still tingling digit! X

charlotte: Thats a “very green” drink ! xx

hulk juice! xx … oh did ya hear me and mum bumped into vicky in tescos leatherhead. small world xx

julie: Recipe? Or is that just juiced nettles? 😁

Recipie?! whats that! it’s a handful of nettles, some cleavers (goose grass, or, you’ll be glad to hear it’s colloquial name is, ‘sticky willy’) and some dandelion leavesall are different shades of green and flavours… nettles are, to my wayward palate, quite ‘nutty’, the cleavers taste like grass abnd dandelions bitter and astringent…if how it tastes is important? just nettles are grand x

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