brake the cycle

aw crikey, 5 years now since this… our magnificent pedal from lands end to john o groats (Brake the Cycle community), 1000 miles weaving a way through this profoundly beautiful land… from permaculture project to conscious community to eco self build to municipal camp site!
an adventure of gargantuan heroism (ever prone to melodramatic hyperbole)… challenging, you bet! brute physicality, obvs, yet also emotional and mental exhaustion… but astonishing what we can acheive when buoyed up by the love and support of each other…. that and porridge
in da flow… doused by sunshine, the sumptous quickening of the spring… climbing trees, wild swimming, no handed pedaling arms aloft caterwauling bob marley (mangling the lyrics!)… such a remarkable country, to feel its breadth and variety through strength of sinew
so many wonderful, fascinating projects, the generosity of them all, folk doing stuff on the land… antidote to the vapid cardboard stodge dished up by the media… reasons to hope
anyway enough of my rhapsodic nostalgia, paen of the cooped up, i’ll hop on my bike to seaford head and back… blessings to be able to do that
huge thanks to joe for the organisation… and everybody else, whatever you be up too, sure it’ll be equally astonishing! xx
Joe, Marcus, Bradders, Wendy, Kate, Sarah, Richard, Lyndon, Kirstin, Stephen, Karen, Petro, Hatty,  James, Georgie, Joel, Alfie, Nieks, Bex, Emily, Phil, Rosie

audio of text, bit mangled!

Me and custard sunshine out in the marsh land… Goat Willow just coming into full fluffiness of catkin blossom

reply to joe:

the cold! it burns!… not too bad actually, tho wind brisker than i imagined, last sea swim was a month ago in southern india, a marginally different experience xx … tho, groan, i look like one of the duffer doctor whos from the early 80’s in this snap!