well at the risk of sounding mildly eccentric….

Once i was off ambling through the hills and bogs of bonny scotland
away down a track, miles from anywhere, when what should I see come a fluttering by?
A ten pound note! Oooh that’s lucky I says to myself.
I pounced on it butterfly collector stylee. ‘got you my beauty!’
Wonder how that got here?
Next a second one came by. Quids in!
lottery millionaires whirling blizzard of cash?
Another! bonanza. the simple elation of greed.

It was then I looked done and noticed that my money belt was unzipped.
noodles of dosh! An entire cashed gyro, scattered on the scottish wind, It was all my money! bagpipe wail
frantic lunges into the heather, oh the moot despondency of mood.

money belts. pah. your better off with a sporran

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