dilly daydream

wet playtime. rats

has anybody had any groovy dreams?
one of my dreams, yonks ago, i dreamt that somehow the 2 sides of my brain were swapped over,
i woke up thinking that’s odd! reached out to get the glass of water, always on my bedside table
but somehow, instead of going left , went right and bomped my head on the wall.

Night mares, makes me think of teeth gnashing, sweat foaming white horses.
In the Czech language though Nightmares are called Nocni Moucha, Night moths, which i also like as it has the scarey fluttery, craving for light spirit
For a few years I got sorta Night Owls. Like when you startle wake and don’t sit up straight, but are rather Judo pinned to the mat, purely by the force of a thought.

when i was 21 I hitched up the east coast of australia, i got several huge 24 hour lifts from trucks. ozzie truck drivers are odd, flabby, cussing, hang dog depressed, but hey, they gave me a lift, so kindly too!
when the truckies eventually stop driving for half an hour, they eat steak, drink a couple of beers and pop a speed pill. as to make any money, they just have to keep driving.
Anyway we were driving overnight through the bush, i was sitting up in the passenger seat in the cab. half awake, half dozing. somehow subliminally I noticed a white shape drifting through the trees. like a ghost. waft swerving, shadowing alongside us.
Suddenly it was right in front of me. Smash. 50 miles an hour. the thing slammed into the windscreen, just there. the distance the computer screen is away from my face.
Yikes. I was totally shock awake.

dreamt of it for years after. I now think it must have been some sort of snowy owl, poor thing

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