As I was cycling in this morning I saw some bloke in his car brushing his teeth!
Hands Free?

The other day, I was full pelt along the undercliff path towards Rottingdene, up ahead I saw a man mumbo Jumbo wafting his arms around. I thought aaah a Tai Chi head.
They’re always such calm friendly folk… despite the regulation issue shaven heads.
but this fellow dashed off a couple of spin pirouettes.
Fox trot Fandangos, he was ballroom dancing! alone.
Clasped tight to his bosom an imaginary partner, seaweed for hair… dancing to the swelling crescendo of the white capped, wind whipped waves
(either that or he had a mini nano ipod (other mp3 players are available))
I was tempted to hop off my bike and join him!

would you have been the lady, richard?

2 left feet me, so certainly wouldn’t have been leading.
dancing i prefer freestyle waving my arms about, that and simultaneously hopping on 1 leg
jonny said my forum personna was quite camp

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