Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women everywhere
Often astounded by how many I know, a blessing
I love to saunter through the north laine on a sunshine strewn day
having come from yoga, or singing or meditation, from midst the serenity of the buddhist center
slightly exalted, yet tethered, born anew into the flow of sight, sound and touch, this sensual sparkle
pop into infinity foods to sniff the herbal tea bags, flirt with a shop assistant, buy a solitary beetroot
later i will see the kids, or meet a friend for coffee, else off to dance
coming from something, going somewhere, yet somehow, to surf, here, on the cusp, allow the spaciousness to blossom,
nowt to do, but my, we are mighty with potential
beautiful women everywhere
of course everyone knows the strong love, the whole hoopla, where you are skywards flung in joyful pole vault (fosby flop!?)
aye, but then some people forever sit heavy on our heart, the gnaw of bones, beauty midst the ancient sadness
but nah, a gentle touch then move on, love diluted through playfulness, world is a meadow of smiles
words that flourish through the spontaneity of their own saying
so i set my stroll, my heart, for the sea
love that wants nothing but the joy of its own unfurling
beautiful women everywhere

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