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harry styles is filming on nh beach this morning
truth be told he’s all over east sussex like a nasty rash… shutting down squares in brighton a few days ago… then turning on the christmas lights in eastbourne next week (yeah i know its a tad early, but it is HARRY)
anyway i had to tip toe past security guards and ouch eek across painful pebbles for my beach swim this morning
so, next time your down the multiplex if in the background of some hollywood blockbuster you notice a friendly walrus in a lurid pink cozzie, then, as jLenn(?) once sang ‘i am the Walrus’
a friendly security guard and i were surveying the the entire fuss pot palaver, the enormous convoy of trucks, the hubbub, the catering, the Razzamatazz, the covid testing, the kit kaboodle!… when she conspiratorially exclaimed ‘he’s not Neil Diamond doncha know’
good point, Harry ‘cramping my’ Styles, you may well be a singing and acting legend, a heart throb… but, well, your not Neil Diamond

flaps: Breaking news – Harry Styles cast in new Neil Diamond biopic…

sweeet caroline! noooo! …. tho, actually, Cracklin’ Rosie, why not! i’d watch it! x

typing that, i suddenly realise that i have an aversion to lower case ‘r’ in proper nouns, its just ugly! does everyone feel that way? most other letters i’m happy to disregard case with reckless abandon
‘Rose’ is beautiful, ‘rose’ bit bleagghh! … ‘Richard’ tho, i’m sure we can agree, could never be anything other than beautiful!

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