creep squint

audio of text

sipping coffee with the taste of fresh chopped chilli on my lips
creep squint, crab wise, through the shadowy half light, not convinced by this morning lark?
the rich pong of frying leeks and garlic… it is often thus, organic veg, of various description, malingers in the bottom of the fridge… then at peculiar times of day or night… usher forth center stage, leek it is your time to shine! uncoil Ring tight nestled within Ring
Krishna Das blaring out, the euphoric dirge of a harmonium… perfect for winter… this urge to kindness, softness, whether acknowledged or not, cosseted within sweet nectar darkness
yes, like me, rummage through the ragbag internet for gong baths, and sundry yoga nidra!… rotation of consciousness, now the time for gentle spiral down
… and a pic (not mine) of jaisalmer jain fort, a profoundly peaceful and beautiful place

much yoga nidra here

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