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ooh by a pleasant congruence laura marling picks the music on whats probs my fave Radio show
… was thinking i should try to share things i like, just to dilute the slew of selfies?
this mix is almost lounge jazz… Roberta Flak, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell and many others i’ve never heard before…
i think dad would have liked this… the ambience reminded me of being a teenager loafing around in the armchairs after sunday lunch… inevitably picked up his taste for mournful female vocals
sherbailey has long cancelled her spotify, so i listen to a fair bit of radio, tho only ever on catch up
the chillest show is brill, as it’s all mellow music, most of it frightfully modern… phil taggart, northern irelands finest (and a brighton resident) makes me laugh.
I’ve loved mz marlings stuff all the way back to ‘alas i cannot swim’… talent.

laura marling mix

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