viper’s bugloss

audio of text

viper’s bugloss! preposterous and ostentatious, a flower after my own heart… and a total bee magnet
you can imagine the conversation:
‘hmmm.. i want purple flowers, with a blush hint of pink’
‘oh EVERYWHERE, as tho all stuck over, be-sequined!… a hippy hairy trunk… and, i want to be irresistible!… and AND give me a name that makes me sound well tough, Rattlesnake Trumpet or something!?’
there’s loads of this plant around here, tho i didn’t know its name till today, better not mutter borage
daughter gave me a wild flower book last year, and sporadically i remember to look them up! super useful
wild flowers have gone Rain Forest crazy at the mo, fecund, their loving the warmth, perpetual rain and sultry mist. Juuune

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