birthday bed head

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Birthday bed head
me on the morning of my eighteenth birthday (allegedly a grown up)… and cough thirty-ffing-eight years later, on the morning of my fifty sixth (allegedly a grown up!)… jeeps i must’ve eaten a whole elephants worth of birthday cake down the years!
still wearing a St Christopher (travel, silver for this moon ruled cancerian), same prominent nose, the dearth of eyes… probably an equivalent volume of hair, just distributed slightly differently!
a peculiar sartorial sense endures
just back from an early morning amble up the cliffs, followed by a sea swim, time to rouse daughter from slumbers, croissants for brekkie

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figurative art my favourite, always fascinated by the endless beauty of the human form… and my own the body, and soul, the one i know best of all… a blessing, which provokes, for me, amusement and delight
such adventures! several dollops of joy, a soupcon of sorrow… life grooved
any words of wisdom? nope!… what does the motto on this mornings turmeric yogi tea bag say ‘love is an infinite power’, can’t really argue with that
we are woven by community… life buoyed up by the generosity, support and love of our fellows. steppin’ lightly. love xxx

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