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thanks for all the birthday greetings!! hugely appreciated, seemingly winging in from every direction, pleasantly bamboozling, feel proper love bombed!
was a lovely and super chilled day, sea swim and croissants… hanging out with daughter till the afternoon… then an ace compost workshop followed by homemade pizzas up at the community garden, loitering with more wondrous peeps
hayfever was a bit rubbish…. but waaaay better than it used to be back at birthday glastonburys in the 80’s, ha
it seemed to take forever to open all the pressies this year… tho i do have that annoying habit of insisting on being blindfolded, then having to guess what each one is, who its from… and even the colour… so little wonder it’s somewhat laborious
i could probably spin a birthday out all the way till the next ones due? so if you’ve missed the rumpus… still plenty of time to add your blessings to the pile, ha xx
oh and a few snaps from birthday photoshoot!… errm i mean birthday photoshoots are a thing right? its not just ego crazed me?

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