new year

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happy new year. first foot forward
gratitude for the sunlight. for the heave and swell of the ocean. for the miraculous, perfect beauty of our bodies
wishing you all, hmmm: love, wisdom and humorous exuberance for the year to come… trust it will be a good ‘un

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sea swim! it’s not cold. honest injun. and that’s not just bluster and wim hoffery!
winter sea dunks are fine, the water itself is comparatively balmy (march is far colder)
its all the flummery that makes it tricky… usually a biting wind chill when you get out… tho today, warmest new year forever (NOT a good thing)… this morning, as around high tide, was choppier than i’d usually go in
at any rate for warmth, i’m full christmas blubberous, plus a lustrous luxuriance of pelt… perfectly evolved for the vita aquatica!
didn’t manage to swim on christmas day, as too poorly, first year not in forever… boo… so first swim in 6 weeks …. and pedal too! the thrill and joy of movement! hurrah!
blessings and vibes for 2022 x

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