gong bath

anyone heard of gong baths?
it’s the latest craze which is sweeping the nation! Well actually one friend in the school told me all about it
she went off to the BuddhaFields festival in the summer and returned, as you do, with a gong bath practionner

From what i can gather, you lie down and relax on the floor
the fellow sets up huge gong near your head, then J Arthur Rank, gives it the most colossal boiiiinnng
The cosmic vibrations, wash all over your body turning bones to jelly rubber, this sets up harmonious rhythmic oscillations in all your atoms
he then gets a little tinier tinnier gong and runs up and down your prime meridians, doing little feather gonging rituals
gives me goosebumps thinking about it
what great fun!

oh i’ve just found some wonderful blurb:
‘Infuse yourself in sound with the vibrations from an enormous gong. This will lead you into an intensive immersion and a trans formative experience of spiritual and physical healing. This unforgettable experiential evening soothes, inspires, and awakens your spirit. Experience the healing properties of the sacred singing bowls and transformational waves of sound bathing you with the rising and falling rhythms, tonalities, and vibrations of a huge earth gong tuned to the sound of AUM, the universal chord. Relax, let go, and harmonize with frequencies of the gong for a remarkable vibrational experience.’

hey Jonny. Planet Gong!

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