oh i bumped into Nick Cave t’other day, prob nothing unusual in that as i think he lives in Hastings
but i’ve been listenning to one of his songs ‘breathless’ which a friend had bunged on a compilation cd. cranky odd and tuneful fun.
Nick was very dapper, goateeish beard, odd suit, but looked a nice bloke
he had his two young sons with him and was in flustered busy dad mode. ha. so i rolled my eyes at him in melodramatic empathy.

must be odd being a celeb in Brighton, the way everybody is just too cool and polite even to look at you.. kinda gently deliberately avoiding your eye
It almost seems politer to point… and gawp!

what was that book i never read which he wrote. any good?

‘Three greasy brother crows wheel, beak to heel, cutting a circle into the bruised and troubled $ky, making fast, dark rings through the thicksome bloats of smoke.’

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