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when i was young and interrailing we decided to camp out at Pompeii, thought it would be spooky cool to roam the ruins amongst the moonlight
i think we hopped the fence ok but after an hour fled on account of a couple of huge howling baying hell hounds,
that and the fact we were being dive bombarded by voracious mozzies.
caught the first train out… to ..Belgrade.. as you do when interailing

years later i was visiting a goth friend in Napolii, she took me on a late night tour first up and down the funny peculiars (funiculars) then about the alternative nightclubs,
the Italian goths were called ‘the darks’ or something light that, great fun boogeying the night away to Bauhaus and even ha! the Cure

I was impressed that the local gay community at the time had sneaky graffiti painted every lion statue, throughout the city, a pleasingly gaudy pink
hard to be a proud ferocious king of the beasts in your pinkitude, each snarl becomes a gurn!

my grandad tho, who always had the best tales (if not always scrupously truthful),
he collapsed the year i was born in Napolii, a blood clot on the brain
apparently the doctors said that falling and bashing his bonce saved his life, the force dislodging the clot
He was Nursed back to health by Dame Gracie Fields!
Gracie who? .. well think, like she was the 1940’s version of… umm Beyonce…but from Lancaster
She lived on the goat isle of capri and her Florence Nightingale stint was because my great aunt may was the chairperson of her fan club!

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