I need some kids

… from an epic post
pick me! pick me!
I’m Ghanain.
Me, Nkrumah and Michael Essien
well kind of, i was conceived there, but the fogies caught a boat back home the month before i was born
apparently a very rough crossing, my poor mum… but i do have a fine pair of sea legs and, grogwise, can hum a couple of sea shanties, well, actually ‘what shall we do with the drunken sailor’ mostly

i could prob act the portly fellow too
or get pavarotti!

I know nothing about the bloke, but he did always seem to be enjoying himself…, which can’t be a bad thing
i saw loads of operas in prague, well the first half of them, in the winter, in the squat it was a bit nippy on a winters eve, so used to pop up to the opera house to keep warm.
Baqck then it was state sponsered so extremely cheap, such a gorgeous, building, ornate icing sugar art nouveau ceilings, such opulence!
Used to be fun to shuffle tramplike to my seat amongst the top hats and frocks of folk in their posh togs
My downfall was always a tipple of wine in the interval, and the seats were such comfortable plush red velvet, so i’d snore thru’ the second half. soothed by the melodrama of the cataclysmic caterwaul of tubby folk bellow singing on stage

…anyway photoshoots, i’ve only been in 3, one for the dss, a recent mental health one and as a drummer in aidans rock band.
Ha the one where wai was ukélélé playing lead guitarist

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