…. just non specific insect nonsense ….

nibbling midges and pesky mosquitos. horrible critters!
you should deffo go get a gecko
I love the way they clockwork scuttle vertically up the side of a wall!
the one i wore to the summer party got confiscated by security as very late, i finally left the funky fish club.

Once, in Turkey, half way through the night i was awakened by the irksome drone of a mozzie
half woke, flapped my arm about, ‘wazzat’, thinking it might be the early morning call to prayer, the wail away of the meuzzin in the mosque, so then flopped back down onto the pillow
woke up next morning to find a blood splotch i had accidentally crushed teh poor mosquito as i rolled over during the night
just as it was suckling my blood, belly fully laden, so bloated it was unable even to take off. yeuchh.

when we were kids we used to pour kettles full of boiling water over trails of ants and flying ants, for a child a real sense of cruel omnipotence
oh and the worms, my older sister (6) had but a vague notion of reproduction and said that if you cut a worm in half then it makes 2 worms, as both halves wriggle away.
(now i know this is not true!), we’d spend many a happy hour kindly chopping them in half
The death of yet another worm is still on my conscience
whilst hitching thru’ austria i got stuck on a quiet country lane, the rule of thumb, slept in a ditch, woke up, rather bedraggled.
A beautiful sunny morn, mountains away in the distance, ho hum, bugger all in the way of cars
a worm crawled up onto the tarmac to warm itself, but then started wriggling itself straight across the road. you foolish bootlace!
I thought hmm i’d better rescue it or it will get runover,
but then i thought, well what if i wasn’t here? maybe if i pretend i’m not here then by the laws of sympathetic magic, maybe i won’t be anymore!
ie i will have succesfully got a lift and begone
also i must admit i was quite curious as to whether colditz, great escape style he’d make it?
anyway, he nearly got there ‘go worm go!’
but then a car came along. Vrooom. splattercated flat worm. oh dear. i genuinely felt guilty.
…..part of me is still by that dusty roadside in austria.

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