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had a lovely mellow saturday afternoon up in London for the xr stroll (march) along oxford street
one of the best natured, most life endorsing demos i’ve been on… and there’s been a few down the years
lots of dancing to the salsa band, a fair bit of the usual raucous chanting, yet spent most of the time singing (well tuneless frog croaking from me!) along with the choir… ‘u sim bonga’, amongst others, for the second time in 3 days
well attended despite the near continual¬†drizzle… even with my natty and practical clobber sogginess slime seeped through to the skin
sadly my sole meager paltry contribution to this seasons hubbub, just been too busy with life stuff and even yesterday was somewhat bogged down with a snivel cold
massive respect and gratitude to all the folk who have been up there all week
can’t imagine how hard it must have been to keep morale up camping through the gruel of october storms… and the dedication to lock on and then be arrested… huzzah! doff my frog shower cap
snuggle up warm as best you can… and be proud of your achievements
apologies for the total lack of snaps… just a selfie from just after the event… hopefully you’ve seen all the groovy pics elsewhere?!
i went up on my own, but, possibly not that suprisingly bumped into folk i know within 5 minutes, lovely to see so many faces from festivals there too… you beautiful people… i chatted just as much with strangers in the crowd, all ages, many types, a warm and nourishing collective energy field
even got to wave a flag! somebody passed on to me halfway through the parade… i have a remarkable talent, weaving it around in a bee dance lemniscate infinity pattern whilst simultaneously grooving!
my flag, weirdly said something like: ‘diligently attempt to mitigate the imbalances of power’… i tried to get it taken up as a chant, trips off the tongue! but nobody seemd that infused (enthused! we’re not tea bags)
oh and my attire was a reprise of last years apple day, dads old barbour jacket and my frog shower cap… which i wore in the shower in the morning! and the Rose a woman came up and gave to me at the end of the day
Anyway I think XR is Smashing! thank you… good luck guys with the next few days
… and all together now:

oops in my concern to make my post ultra fluffy, neglected to make any sort of political comment whatsoever
… and yes, tho it is presumably, stating the blooming obvious… it can only be a good thing to push this crucial issue up the agenda
world is¬†in crisis, we’ve known it for years, and yet my generation has blundered on in idiotic complacency
if you burn all the majority of the stored up sunshine laid down over the millennia (fossil fuels) in little more than a 100 years, then, yes, there are bound to be ramifications
there are so so many of us
of course i am aware of my own hypocrisies, as a privileged citizen of one of the ‘wealthiest’ countries on earth, we are profoundly culpable
and yet the burden of blame should be foisted on the banks, large corporations and politicians (apols if this is off message)
i am sickened by the smugness of the conservative party (‘we’re doing so well’) whilst they individually pocket donations from the lobbies of the major polluters
don’t even get me started on the arms industry
things have to change, the whole system is broken… the obvious key areas are food production (local, organic, grown in regenerative systems) and transport
waaghhh… anyway turning off comments as don’t have time for debate ** edit, ha, cept i have no idea how to do this!**… anyway … lets change things. now! x

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