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just back from a walk up the cliffs, sometimes there is a softness to grey, coaxing colour from the landscape, the lull of early spring birdsong… today tho, but a grim grey bludgeon, scalpel rain and a wind that would gouge yer eyes out! welcome home
the gorse tho was defiant in all its custard finery
here then are a glut of the rest of my holiday snaps… such a blessing to have been away for a month… sunshine! adventure! overnight trains and buses! fabulous grub! beach sunsets!… loved pretty much every jot of it!
for the curious (and to jog my memory!) places visited:
Mahabalipuram – 1500 year old sculptures, pool, republic day
Tiruvannamalai – Shiva fire mountain, huge ancient temple, Sri Ramana ashram
Auroville/Pondicherry – going inside the matrimandir!! scooting about the old colonial town and along the beach promenade
Patnem, Goa – hanging with May and the gang, beach sunsets, yoga
Alleppey – Luca, Snehar, Johnson, tourist boat drig/fting thru the backwaters
Ammas Ashram – Super full power hug, Hannah and Al
Varkala – beach galore, Alix and Tim
Munnar – Malabar Giant Black Squirrel, tea plantations
Madurai – Sri Meenakash, gorgeous carvings, mad rituals, Mahashivarahti
Mysore – grand palace, deveraj market

the 3 most sacred places i visited, in no particular order, inside the matrimandir, ammas ashram, sri meenakash… all were happily no photo zones
albums of course gain no traction on here… no matter, i am, as ever, happily solipsistic x

madurai… southern tamil nadu… it’s one of the smaller gopurams (gateways) to the sri meenakash temple… ancient place, riddled with the most astonishing sacred carvings… all day long there are pujas and rituals, it’s a living temple so no snaps inside
i first came here when i was 23, was overwhelmed by its energy then… not much has changed x

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